SOLO is a much needed collection of practical advice in an ever changing world of creativity.

Jake Parker, illustrator, comics creator, founder of Inktober

Want to make a living from your craft?

Think that your art and your passion is incompatible with a sustainable career?

Want to know how to kickstart your freelance business?

Controlling when, where and how you work AND make money doing something you care about? Sounds almost too good to be true, right? But in my book SOLO – A Survival Guide for Creative Freelancers you’ll get the tools, the tactics and the mindset that helped me make a living as a freelance writer and artist for the past twenty years.

You CAN combine art and business, work on your craft and pay the bills at the same time.

Making a living from your creative skills is entirely possible. The upsides of striking out on your own are many. While your mom and maybe your friends will likely discourage you from this path out of fear, prejudice and misconceptions that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out. I’d argue that there has never been a better time!

There are two kinds of guide-books: ones that give you information, and ones that give you soul. This book is definitely the latter one. I enjoyed it and found it very useful.

Juhana Lumme, screenwriter, director and author, Helsinki, Finland

The Future is Freelance

It’s a well-known fact that more and more jobs will be outsourced to freelance contractors or be project-based. The so called “steady jobs” are a thing of the past. It is time to take control of your own destiny, ownership of your career and your future.

SOLO is written for people who believe in creative living on their own terms. It will focus on people who want a sustainable career, mixing freelance work with creating and selling their own art. My promise is that diving in to the tactics and strategies of this book will help you find a clearer vision to strike out your own path.

Here’s some of what the book covers:

  • How to get started with freelancing
  • How to create a network of people to help build your career
  • How to handle clients and pricing your work
  • How to handle the business side of things
  • How to gain new clients and create several income streams
  • What tools, tactics and templates you can use to sustain you over the long haul

You’ll also get the down and dirty of taxes, accounts, productivity, social media, self discipline, the creative process and mindset, all of it learned the hard way through my twenty years of experience as a freelancer.

SOLO is a much needed collection of practical advice in an ever changing world of creativity.

The life of a freelancer is not for everyone. A lot of people find the steady pay check comforting and find meaning in their work life. A lot of people feel stuck and worry that they will get fired as more and more jobs get automated or outsourced.

In the book I give some ideas for how to create several income streams as a side hustle or be scaled to cover all your expenses. Like the writer who makes money teaching. The craftsperson who uses Instagram as a webshop. The artist who sells prints on Etsy or runs a succesful Patreon page.

The opportunities for running your own creative business have never been more optimal and the book gives concrete examples and ideas for what your next step could be, no matter where you are in your creative career.

What people are saying about SOLO:

I enjoyed this book immensely. It filled in a bunch of holes that I didn’t think much about in the beginning 🙂 And for people just starting out – it is a solid resource.

John Edingfield II, creator of Rancidville, Pennsylvania, USA

SOLO is such an interesting masterpiece. As I read the book, I always wanted to continue and not stop because I am locked with it, it is catchy from the very beginning. It’s like a dish in a menu wherein among all the same dishes inside, it got the best ingredients which gave a great taste that anyone would crave.

Adrian Patangui, student / artist, The Philipines

I really enjoy reading the personal real life stories in the book. I think these stories are valuable because we (the readers) can learn from Palle’s success’ as well as his mistakes. The email templates are a great idea. The section on mentorship is very important, from everything I have seen online about successful people is that they have always had great mentors.

Liam Harper, artist / animator, Toronto, Canada

This book is packed with stories and lessons learned that we can take away from. I also love how you Palle Schmidt has so many intriguing stories to tell and how those stories fits with what we’re discussing in the chapter. This book is definitely something that will inspire one to make a freelance living.

Ian Su, student / writer / artist, New York