Photo by Christiane Helsted Juul

Palle Schmidt, writer, illustrator and comic book artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark, with his wife and two daughters.

Palle Schmidt is a Danish writer/artist known for his crime noir graphic novels, The Devils Concubine (published by IDW), and STILETTO. He is the artist on Thomas Alsop from Boom! Studios which was dubbed “Best Mini-Series of 2014” by USA Today. In 2016 he won the award for Best Danish Comics Artist and Best Danish Comic for his work on Thomas Alsop. As a writer he has published several YA novels and a crime novel for adults, as well as a guide to creative freelancers.

Palle lives in Copenhagen with his wife, writer Line Leonhardt, and two daughters. Apart from writing and drawing, he does a monthly podcast with writer conversations at and teaches comics at

Schmidt has no formal education but started his career writing and drawing for the Danish roleplaying magazine “Fønix” and later became one of the editors. He wrote numerous scenarios for Danish RPG conventions, and received several awards for his work in this media.

He was first published with the comic book “Night of the Long Faces” in 1999, a semi-biographical look at desperate nightlife, and the hard-boiled detective roleplaying game “Fusion” in 2000. He since published two more books in the series, a short graphic novel in the same setting, several movie scripts and YA novels, all in the crime/thriller genre.

In 2011 his graphic novel “The Devil’s Concubine” was released in the US from IDW Publishing. In 2012 he completed a 1-year education in screenwriting at the National Film School of Denmark. He was the artist on “Thomas Alsop“, a monthly book from BOOM! Studios with writer Chris Miskiewicz, dubbed Best Mini-Series of 2014 by USA Today. He teaches comics at and blogs at